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Concept2 4min challenge

Posted by thepeteplan on September 25, 2008

With only a small window of time in which to train at lunchtime I thought I would have my third and final attempt at the concept2 challenge series, a 4min piece. At the beginning of the month I said that my target for this challenge was to go under 1:32.5 pace as the first of three steps, the second being a mile under 1:32.5, and the final being a 2k under 1:32.5.

Only a short (5min) warmup for this one today:

4mins = 1302m / 1:32.1 / 35
30sec splits:
1:29.8 / 38
1:33.1 / 36
1:33.7 / 34
1:33.7 / 34
1:34.3 / 34
1:33.1 / 34
1:32.5 / 36
1:29.2 / 38

I paced it deliberately like this – 5 hard strokes hitting 1:22, then easing off over the first 30seconds. 1:33’s and 1:34’s through the middle, then picking the pace up from 1min to go. I finished strongly, but I think this will be my last challenge attempt. It makes for a very short session, so not ideal training, but it is a good confidence booster.

The next stop is the mile race in Newark in just over a weeks time. 307m further, so well under a minute at this pace. I certainly felt today like I could have done that further minute of rowing, so as long as I feel as good next Saturday the target will be on.

The key for me on that mile race will be attacking the pace from the start. At Evesham I started off gradually only pulling 1:35’s and 1:36’s for the first 2 or 3 minutes, then speeding up towards the end to finish on 1:33.5 average. It felt good, and I felt I had more in the tank, but I didn’t get into a faster rhythm because I didn’t attack from the start. When I race well I race towards the higher end of the ideal stroke rate, and the only way I can get into the groove of that higher stroke rate is by doing the 5 hard strokes at the start to get going fast, then keep the rate up through the middle. I’m looking forward to the next race now, and trying to push close to my limits. My best race mile was done at 1:32.0 pace, how close can I get to that?

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