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The week ahead

Posted by thepeteplan on September 21, 2008


60mins = 16461m / 1:49.4 / 25


Submaximal 2k with just a short warm up (5mins):

2k = 6:22.2 / 1:35.5 / 32
1:35.0 / 33
1:36.5 / 32
1:36.6 / 32
1:34.1 / 34

This felt pretty good and in control.

The week ahead:

I was trying to list the targets for the week before it began a few weeks ago, and I think it helps me keep on track with what needs to be done, so I will try again:

Monday = 4 x 1k / 4min rest – my target for this will be 1:35.0. I think I am around 6:16 for a flat out 2k at the moment, and this session will tell me whether that is the case. Another 5 weeks of speed work to go, so a pb is still there for BIRC if all goes well.

Wednesday = 4 x 2k / 4min rest – I will not be going all out for sub 1:40 again this week. Instead I will take the first 3 reps a little easier so that I’m able to make the final rep the fastest. Sub 1:41 still for the first 3.

Friday = Longer negative split distance, or perhaps another go at the C2 4min challenge, I really want to get this down to 1:32.5 pace, which should be within me.

Harder interval sessions:

Nosmo commented on an entry a few days ago about not finding any hard session any more difficult than another. I think how hard you find a particular session varies from individual to individual, but within each session type I generally find the longer the interval, the harder it is. I agree that physically if done with the same intensity a 100% effort session is a 100% effort session, but when you put in the mental difficulty of having to hold the target pace for longer per interval (even if this target is slower to take into account longer intervals) I still think it is tougher. 4 x 1k I find a lot harder than 8 x 500m, even though I would do it 3 to 4 seconds slower pace, and it is the same overall distance. The 4 x 2k session, as I commented in the entry before, is tough because it is right on a whole number target pace. This always makes a session mentally tougher, until you break that barrier.

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