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Harder distance work – the missing link

Posted by thepeteplan on September 13, 2008

I think the one missing link from my training over the past couple of stages of training has been the harder mid to long distance work. This is the aspect of the training that I think puts that final piece of the puzzle in place in terms of mental preparation. I don’t believe, with the progression we have made through the training, that it is essential physically, but for me personally I think it helps mentally.

So once a week for the next 4 weeks I will try to put in a session in excess of 10k where I push the pace more than on my steady 10ks. I won’t be going time trial type of intensity, but gradual negative splits so that it takes effort to keep the pressure on by the end.

Today’s plan was for a 60min row along this format, but unfortunately I had to cut this short at 45mins due to pretty bad intentinal pain from the 40min point that wouldn’t clear.

45mins = 12481m / 1:48.2 / 25

10min = 1:49.4 / 25
20mins = 1:48.5 / 25
30mins = 1:48.4 / 25
40mins = 1:47.2 / 26
45mins = 1:46.9 / 26

This row felt good, and I was annoyed not to be able to carry on for the full 60mins. I think this is the way to get the longer distance rows in more often, to begin at a comfortable pace, and just aim to make each split faster than the last.

Racing plans:

There are two mile (1609m) races coming up before the British Championships – Grimsby on 21st September, and Newark on 4th October. I’d like to do the first one as it is run by a team mate of mine, but 8 hours of driving to do a 5min race is a little crazy, and I don’t really want to do 2 races in the space of 2 weeks. So my plan is to do the Newark race on 4th October, just 3 weeks before the BIRC. My aim will be simple, do the mile as fast as I can to get an idea what I can expect from the BIRC race. I’m not going to make predictions for either race, or give myself targets that I may or may not be ready for. I’ll just come up with a race plan a few days before, dependant on how the preceeding week’s training has gone. Obviously I’d like to be under 1:32.5 pace for the Newark mile to know I’m in with a chance of the same for the BIRC 2k, but we will see.

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