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Speed work starts here

Posted by thepeteplan on September 8, 2008

Last week was officially the first week of the pre BIRC phase of the PP08 training programme. I was away for three days working at the beginning of the week, however, so didn’t do the first of the speed work sessions. Unfortunately the 6 x 500m / 2min rest session planned for last week would have given me a good idea of the pace I could expect to achieve for today’s session, and so I went into it a little blind. Those of you who have done interval training to your physical limits on the erg will know that when it comes to 2k paced intervals, as the rep distance increases, the difficulty can become exponentially harder.

Today’s session: 5 x 750m / 3min rest

With no firm idea what pace would be achieveable I picked a target of my 2k pb pace, 1:33.0. For 750m reps this is a tough target, but with 7 weeks to the British Championships there isn’t a lot of time for hanging about on these.

5 x 750m / 3min rest:
2:18.9 / 1:32.6 / 35 <– Hmm, so if 1:33 could be a hard target why did I go this fast?
2:19.2 / 1:32.8 / 34 <– When you’re wondering if you’re even gonna make 3 reps, why don’t you slow?
2:20.0 / 1:33.3 / 34 <– It could be 10mins rest and I’d still not recover for the next one
2:21.8 / 1:34.5 / 34 <– I guess that’s still faster pace than last birc
2:24.9 / 1:36.6 / 34 <– Seemed like it lasted for 10k

Total = 11:44.7 / 1:33.9 / 34 / 3750m

The final average is nearly a second slower than the target I went in with, but much of that was due to the last rep, which was torturous. I think that if I have started off in the low 1:33’s rather than the mid to high 1:32’s the final average would have been at least 0.5 faster.

I have to say that on completing this session at lunchtime today I did not like the thought of trying to row a 2k at the pace of the first 750m in 7 weeks time. However, when you’re not doing this intensity of work year round (as I have done in the past on the standard Pete Plan) the first couple of sessions are very hard, but the improvements come pretty fast for a few weeks, as long as you consistently complete the sessions to realistics targets. So hopefully in 2 weeks time I’ll look back and think “perhaps 6:10 isn’t out of the question”.

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