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Training update

Posted by thepeteplan on August 22, 2008

Apologies to any regular readers of my blog, especially those who are trying to follow the PP08 training programme along with us, for the lack of updates this week. A quick roundup of the week follows.


10 x 600m / 1min rest:
1:58.3 / 1:38.5 / 31
1:58.1 / 1:38.4 / 31
1:58.1 / 1:38.4 / 31
1:58.2 / 1:38.5 / 31
1:58.2 / 1:38.5 / 31
1:58.3 / 1:38.5 / 31
1:58.1 / 1:38.4 / 31
1:58.1 / 1:38.4 / 31
1:58.1 / 1:38.4 / 32
1:56.9 / 1:37.4 / 32

Totals = 19:40.4 / 1:38.3 / 31
To plan, but I started the week feeling tired, lethargic, and lacking motivation.


On Tuesday I tried my hand at my first cycling time trial. This TT was a hill climb with Epsom cycling club. Only 0.6miles, but all uphill so easy to get the pacing wrong. I didn’t want to risk grinding to a halt on the steepest part of the course, around a hairpin bend, so tried to pace it to ensure that. As it was, once I rounded the hairpin I was able to increase speed to the finish line, and felt like I didn’t give enough over the first half. The trace of speed and heart rate:

Doesn’t work too well as I cropped the right hand side off with the red HR scale, but the 25mph line on the left is also 180bpm, and 20mph = 160bpm. The race section is obvious from the HR trace, and you can see I started at 15mph, slowed as the gradient increased, then sprinted the finish from the hairpin. I came 4th overall, beating 3 cycling club guys, which was good. Only 7 entrants as it was pretty wet, which I’m sure put many of the non hardened cyclists off.


Wednesday was one I was really looking forward to, a 10mile TT on the A31 between Bentley and Alton. This was to be my benchmark time trial before doing much in the way of bike training, and I was confident of a good time. As it was the weather was bad – wet and windy, but I warmed up, and set off strongly. After 1.5miles though I got a puncture in my front wheel, and the tyre was completely flat. I didn’t want to wreck my wheel riding on a flat tyre, I didn’t want to wreck my new cycling shoes walking in the. So all that was left was to take the shoes off, and push the bike the 1.5miles back down the dual carriageway. It was raining, I was in my socks, it was miserable. It really showed the benefits of exercising indoors.


Thursday I was busy at work, and still annoyed about the walk the night before, and didn’t train. 3 days off the erg isn’t good – without solid training I don’t sleep well. If I don’t sleep well I don’t want to train.


Today, despite a bad nights sleep, it was a case of having to train:

The session: 1800m, 1500m, 1200m, 900m / 4min rest

1800m = 5:56.9 / 1:39.1 / 30
1500m = 4:56.9 / 1:38.9 / 30
1200m = 3:56.8 / 1:38.6 / 31
900m = 2:57.2 / 1:38.4 / 31

Totals: 5400m = 17:47.7 / 1:38.8 / 30
Again session achieved pretty much on target depite really not having my head in the training.

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