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Posted by thepeteplan on August 17, 2008

I’m sure the weather forecast was bad for this weekend. I expected a wet day’s racing in Reading yesterday, and no chance to get outside for any exercise today. But after a couple of hours watching the Olympics, and getting motivated by the track cycling to want to go out for a ride, I donned my cycing shoes for the second time and went out for a quick 30min spin.

Split roughly as 2.7mile warm up (from home to where I work), then 5.5miles pushing it pretty hard for the loop around the airfield in Farnborough, then the final couple of miles warming down a little through the middle of town back home. By pushing a little harder through the middle of the ride I managed to keep my heart rate more level than before, and got some good sustained periods at pace:

A 22.7mph average for that middle 5.4mile section, which felt good. For the first time I felt confident on the bike, and much more stable even when pushing the speed a little. It’s a shame the traffic and roadworks are bad through town at the moment, as I was nicely warmed up into it by then, and could have pushed on at the fast pace for a good bit longer. An enjoyable short ride anyway.

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