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Getting there

Posted by thepeteplan on August 13, 2008

Just over 2 weeks to go before the 5k now, so the harder sessions have to be good quality and at pace. Back down on the rep distance today to 1400m, and so an opportunity to increase the pace a little.

4 x 1400m / 4min rest:
4:36.9 / 1:38.8 / 31
4:37.0 / 1:38.9 / 31
4:37.0 / 1:38.9 / 31
4:34.9 / 1:38.1 / 31

Total: 5600m = 18:25.8 / 1:38.7 / 31

Solid session, not really seeing any 1:40 splits throughout each rep, which is a good sign. What does this all mean for the 5k test on 29th August though, and how do the paces I’m doing on these session compare to the plan for that? Although I’ve said through this phase that I’m training at 5k pace, and for example that the 6 x 1k is a good pace predictor for me for the 5k, I don’t like to row a 5k on flat splits. What is more likely is that the pace I end up at on the intervals sessions in 2 weeks time I will step back 0.5 to 1second in pace for the “base pace” for the 5k. What this means is that I will row the bulk for the middle section of the 5k at this base pace, as being slightly slower than the pace I have become efficient at rowing at through the interval training it will feel slightly (very slightly) in the comfort zone. This is the way I have successful rowed race and time trial 5k’s in the past.

Effectively what I would do if I was doing the 5k at the end of the this week would be to go off hard for 5 strokes, settle over the next 5 strokes down to 1:38 or so, and slowly back off to around 1:39.5 – 1:40.0 on the instantaneous split (ie seeing 1:40’s and some 1:39’s). Then I would hold this until the end is in sight, which for me on a 5k is at 2k remaining, as you can then treat it like a single 2k piece. From that point on I would try to see only 1:39’s, and gradually bringing the pace down into the final 1k, and building as much as possible from 500m out. Ideally this would sit me around 1:39 average at 500m in, slowing to perhaps 1:39.5 – 1:39.7 by 2k to go, and then slowing lowing back down through my pb split of 1:39.3, and with the final sprint down to 1:38.9. That would be the plan, anyway. The next two weeks of interval sessions will tell me whether this base pace can be any faster, but I think this plan will certainly get me a pb currently.

Some steady distance work tomorrow, and then rest of Friday ready for a rainy day at Palmer park in Reading on Saturday. My event is due off at about 2.15pm I believe. My current prediction for how the event will go for me is:

800m run on the track – hopefully around 3mins as long as adrenelin doesn’t try to make me keep up with the fast runners.

2k erg – somewhere around 6:55, give or take 5seconds, I think will be a good comfortable pace, as I don’t want to take any fatigue into the press ups.

50 press ups – I’m not great at these. I will try to do at least 25 in the first set, then pick them off with short rests as best I can. Hopefully get the 50 in under 2mins – I hope adrenelin will help here.

50 squat thrusts – I don’t ‘think’ I will have any problem with these, so should reel them off in a minute or under.

2k erg – this one will depend a little on the competition, and whether I think I’m in with any shout of top 3. Again through I think around 6:55 give or take 5 seconds will leave me fresh enough for the run.

800m run – this solely depends on where I am in the field (of which I have no idea how many there are), as position will be the important thing. Take it easy for a lap if possible, then get the best position possible. Hopefully under 3mins.

So what would that make my total time prediction? 3mins for the run, maybe 20seconds to get on the erg, 7mins to erg 2k, so 10:20 going into the press ups. Say 20seconds to get to press ups, 2mins for press ups, 20sec to squat thrusts, 1min for them, so 14mins going into the second 2k. 20sec to get on the machine, 7mins to row, 10seconds to get off, 3mins for the last 800m. Total time prediction = 24:30

As that is half way between 5k and 10k erg duration that tells me that my paces for the run and row might be a little conservative. When I’ve done this type of thing in the gym before (quite a few years ago) I generally went with the idea that each component could certainly be done at the pace you would do that one activity for the duration of the whole event. So that would make the rowing more like 1:42 pace rather than 1:45, but the 12seconds that would gain me over a 2k I think would be more than lost on the press ups, and the second half of the row and run, so I will stick to my plan above. Wish me luck, and hope for a dry hour on Saturday afternoon!

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