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At least there is no wind on an erg

Posted by thepeteplan on August 10, 2008

I watched some of the women’s road race (cycling) on the olympics this morning. The conditions were awful, and there were a number of crashes. I don’t think I’d ever want to ride in a road race with all those bikes about as one person’s mistake causes a lot of people to go down. I’d also not fancy riding at any speed in that much rain, with that much standing water. However, it was enough to motivate me to go out for another ride this afternoon on my bike. I decided to do the ride I had planned to do yesterday morning, and just accept the strong wind, and the slow pace, on the way out.

As a contrast to the 1hour erg yesterday, here is the heart rate trace from the similar length bike ride this afternoon:

It’s quite difficult on the bike to keep a constant HR when you have wind, gradient, roundabouts, traffic lights, and traffic to deal with. It was a struggle again going out into the wind, over the hill and through Farnham. On the way back heading north along the A325 it felt great though up to 29mph in sections, and cruising along at 25mph for a good distance. I don’t ride in an aero position at all, my body just isn’t used to it, but I’ll get there over time. Consequently when the wind is against me it slows me down a lot, and when it’s to the side of me I have to fight to stay straight – maybe that’s why all good cyclists have such a small upper body, so they don’t act like a sail.

One thing that will hopefully help my bike speed is proper clip in pedals and shoes, so I ordered some this morning from wiggle – I look forward to trying them out when they arrive.

Another good hour of aerobic exercise is never a bad thing, and I’m sure every mile on the bike helps me improve just a little. I can’t wait for a non windy day though!

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