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Nearly half way

Posted by thepeteplan on August 4, 2008

We are now into the third week of six of this third phase of Pete Plan 2008. This phase concludes with a 5k test around 30th August, although one PP08 athlete is doing their 5k this evening.

Monday training:

8 x 750m / 1min rest:
2:28.6 / 1:39.0 / 32
2:28.6 / 1:39.0 / 31
2:28.5 / 1:39.0 / 31
2:28.6 / 1:39.0 / 31
2:28.5 / 1:39.0 / 31
2:28.4 / 1:38.9 / 32
2:28.4 / 1:38.9 / 32
2:27.3 / 1:38.2 / 32

Total: 6k = 19:46.9 / 1:38.9 / 31

Targets for the week:

The rest of the week sees a progression from the 4 x 1500m from last week, and 4 x 1350m of the week before in the shape of a 4 x 1650m. We also have a hard 10k on Friday, and 3 steady distance pieces on the between days. My targets for the week are:

Wednesday: 4 x 1650m / 4min rest, target = 1:39.9

Friday: 10k, target = 1:44.9

In addition to these I am also doing a 5k on rowpro in about 35mins time to join Shirley in her 5k test, where she will be aiming to beat her personal best time, and age group world record – go Shirley! It is a handicap race, and I’m going off last of the 8 people with a 3min22 handicap (from a 16:59 predicted time). This will be a tough row to make the handicap time after the 750’s at lunchtime.


One Response to “Nearly half way”

  1. shirleygkn said

    You definitely didn’t make it easy for yourself after the lunch time row Pete. Good row all the same. I should have started the ‘sprint’ at 300m to go instead of 250, might just have made up that HALF a second.
    Happy with the PB though. Good luck to everyone this month, I’ll be keen to see your results.

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