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Should I run?

Posted by thepeteplan on August 3, 2008

I didn’t train yesterday, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather all weekend, just generally tired. Early this afternoon I needed some fresh air so went for a gentle bike ride down to the army athletics track in Aldershot so that when I race at the Reading rowathlon it won’t be the first time I’ve run around a track since I was at school.

I cycled there, ran a 400m warm up, ran an 800m a little faster, than cycled gently home. As I had my garmin heart rate belt on for the bike computer, I ran with that in my hand:

So you can see the 400m and 800m in the middle. 2min51 for a steady 800m run doesn’t sound too bad until you look and see that is 5:38mins / mile, and that is probably a good bit slower than Paula Radcliffe runs a marathon at. Still, she wouldn’t erg a fast 2k, so I don’t need to compete with her on the track.

Thanks for the tips on press up training, and the decision that I should do the cross training event. I’m glad you can do 60press ups straight off Alan, but I’m afraid I can’t. However, in an event like that, how low to the ground do you have to go? I always do press ups just touching my chest on the floor between reps.

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