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Posted by thepeteplan on August 2, 2008

The title of this post refers to a potential race in 2 weeks time. A reasonably local event (the Reading Rowathlon) offers two different events:

Event 1: 2.5k row, 7k bike, 2.8k run

Event 2: 800m run, 2k row, 50 press ups, 50 squat thrusts, 2k row, 800m run

The event takes place at an outdoor cycling velodrome, so the cycling is around that, the running around a running track just inside that, and the rowing on standard concept2 ergs. These events are generally dominated by the cylists / runners / triathletes, as the row is a pretty small part of the overall event. So I thought event 2 would be one I could do well at, and decided on Thursday just to have a steady run through and see where the weak link might be:

800m treadmill = 3min12 (15kph)

2k row = 6:58.7 / 1:44.6 / 29

50 press ups = 2min30

50 squat thrusts = 1min10

2k row = 7:04.9 / 1:46.2 / 28

800m run = 3min12 (15kph)

I deciced to take the run and row fairly steady at the start (the run would be faster on a track anyway) to leave energy for the press ups. I didn’t think the press ups would be as tough as they were – my tactics were wrong, I did 30 straight off, thinking I could then have a few second rest, do 10, few seconds rest, do 10. But by the final 10 (after doing something like 4, 3, 3) I was down to doubles, and then singles! The squat thrusts were easy, and I think I was doing them too far, so could do those a lot faster. Then the row and run were fairly steady again.

So in order not to humiliate myself if I choose that event I have 2 weeks to improve my press ups ability. As I don’t currently do any (ok, I did 50 on Thursday and 30 yesterday) it should be a rapid improvement. Otherwise I could choose to do the rowathlon, but although I think I would be competitive up to the end of the bike leg, running 2.8k after that would see me a long way behind people who actually run.

Which do you think I should do? I have one further option, and that would be to do the rowathlon race the weekend before (but an hour drive away) so see if I’m any good at that.


Then on Friday a standard PP08 training session, albeit an interesting one. I’ve got to say my abs and intercostal muscles were (and still are) a little tender from Thursday.

2k, 6min rest, 1k, 4min rest, 500m:

2k = 6:21.9 / 1:35.4 / 33
500’s: 1:35.7 / 33, 1:36.0 / 32, 1:35.4 / 33, 1:35.0 / 33

1k = 3:12.7 / 1:36.3 / 32
500’s: 1:36.7 / 33, 1:36.0 / 32

500m = 1:32.9 / 35

I was pretty happy with the 2k. I really want to push it just under 6:20, but I started off a bit slow to do that without completely compromising the 1k. As it was, self preservation kicked in for the 1k, and I didn’t go as hard as I had in the 2k. Solid overall session, and better than “wasting” a session just doing a single 2k.


3 Responses to “What would you do?”

  1. shirleygkn said

    Get going on those press-ups and go for Option 2. If you don’t you’ll always wonder just how good could you have been… 🙂

  2. David said

    Option 2 is the only way to go..ergers should avoid running at all costs. Tip for the pressups…put your feet on a 6inch block(stair) for the next 2 weeks and then on the day when your feet are on the ground they will feel easy.

  3. alan said


    I agree Option 2 and David’s advice is good.

    I would do all the press-ups in one go, don’t stop, that’s a mistake.

    At 57 I can do 60 straight off with no training -you should have no problem-all the best sounds like fun 😀

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