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BIRC 2008

Posted by thepeteplan on July 31, 2008

The British Indoor Rowing Championships 2008 poster, featuring me and all of my tall friends (otherwise known as the MAD Team – picture taken at BIRC 2007). (Click on it for larger version.)

3 Responses to “BIRC 2008”

  1. shirleygkn said

    A happy, healthy group of ergers there – what about names to go with the faces Pete?

  2. thepeteplan said

    Shirley – click on the poster if you’re not seeing it in full, and all the names to go with the people (and who they are) are on the right hand side.

  3. shirleygkn said

    Right, thanks, got it now. I thought there was something missing when you said it was a poster.
    Hmmm, Graeme and Rob aren’t exactly small are they!! No wonder you gave a warning about some… er… most competitors towering over short rowers.

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