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Training roundup

Posted by thepeteplan on July 29, 2008


20mins on rowpro, where I unfortunately lost connection to rowpro 3mins from the end.

20mins = 5556m / 1:47.9 / 25


Cycling = 17.5miles (3 each way to work and back, and 11.5 in the evening)


10 x 600m / 1min rest:
1:38.7, 1:38.5, 1:38.7, 1:38.6, 1:38.3, 1:38.5, 1:38.5, 1:38.4, 1:38.1, 1:37.3
Averages: 6k = 19:40.6 / 1:38.3 / 31

I decided before this row that if I keep targetting 1:39.9 pace on these sessions then that is all I can hope for in the 5k test in 5 weeks time.  Therefore there is a need to push these sessions to this sort of pace to give me a good chance of a pb in the 5k – it will get hard as the next few weeks progress to maintain this level of pace on these sessions, however.


Just a steady 10k row today – 10k = 37:04.5 / 1:51.2 / 24

Cycling = 6miles (3miles each way to work and back)

Pete Plan Coaching:

A few new additions to PPC over the past month, so it will be interesting to see how I can help them move towards their goals over the coming weeks and months. For those of you with access to the members area of the blog (ie those who I coach) I will update the list on there so you know who is in the team now.

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