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The Tour approaches

Posted by thepeteplan on July 15, 2008

As I have mentioned previously, we are currently on a two week break between phases 2 and 3 of Pete Plan 2008. Phase 2 concluded with the 10k test on 5th July, then last Saturday we had the Evesham golden mile race, and next weekend is the bigger brother of the Tour De France, the Tour D ‘arry. More about that later.


Firstly a training update for the past few days. After arriving back from Evesham on Sunday with the after effects of the “socialising” post race, and a bit of sleep in a tent, a 30min bike ride out in the fresh air was the best thing to do.

30mins bike = 10miles / 20mph

The only thing the town I live in, Farnborough, is famous for is the airshow that takes place here once every 2 years. This week is the airshow week so you can either get frustrated at the aircraft noise and traffic, or join them and go to the airshow. So yesterday I took the day off work and took my wife for her first visit to the airshow. I managed to fit in a 5k on the erg before (about 1:48 pace) and a 45min row on rowpro late in the evening;

45mins = 12342m / 1:49.4 / 25
9min splits = 1:51.7, 1:50.2, 1:49.3, 1:48.8, 1:47.1
It was hot and sunny at the airshow yesterday, and I was feeling the effects of the sun (and still some tiredness from the weekend) today, so just did a short session on the turbo (bike) after work:

5mins @ 170watts
15mins @ 310watts
5mins @ 200watts

The Tour D’arry:

The Tour next weekend will be a strange event. We are arriving in the north York moors on Friday afternoon for a short pre-dinner ride. Then on Saturday is the main event, about a 90mile trip culminating in the “Rosedale Chimney” – apparently the toughest hill in britain to ride up. About a 35% gradient and about 1km in length, bets are being taken as to who can make it up without putting a foot down.

There are 8 people going on the tour ranging in size from about 68 to 108kg, from 5’8 to 6’8 tall, from 30 to 57 years old, and from regular 100mile time trialist to almost non cyclists like me. However, everyone going is a top athlete in their own right (albeit some in sports not too similar to cycling), so the mental attitude will be there, and it should be a great weekend. Will any of us make it for the further planned ride on the Sunday morning? Who knows.

PP08 – Phase 3:

No sooner than the tour is complete and it is time to begin phase 3 of Pete Plan 2008. With 2 new members of the team we are up to 11 people beginning PP08 (with perhaps a couple more merging to join us from similar Pete Plan Coaching programmes). This phase is aimed at a 5k test around the weekend of 30th August. 6 weeks and then we can attempt my favorite distance, but perhaps one of my strongest pbs as it was done in competition in a very close race. If any race happen for the PP08 group during this phase expect their performances to be a level higher than so far this year as this training will give a big jump in fitness and strength endurance. Whatever we achieve over the shorter distances in the next 6 weeks will only be a taster of things to come as we move into the racing season and onto proper speed work however. What this space for our progress.

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