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Silver from the Golden Mile

Posted by thepeteplan on July 13, 2008

As you will know from reading my blog, the Evesham Golden mile race has come at the end of our distance training phases on PP08. As such I’ve just done two “speed sessions” this past week, the 8 x 500m and the 20 x 100m. The three other PP08 ergers racing at Evesham were in the same boat, so to speak, as Jef, Darin and Emma have been doing the same sessions as me. Three other Pete Planners also raced at Evesham – Rob, Iain and Mike, who had done varying amounts of specific race preparation, but none of whom were specifically targetting this race to be in peak racing form. That said every one of them rowed very good races – I will leave it to them to tell the story of their races in their own blogs though.

My race:

Here are the results for my race taken from the Evesham results page (hopefully it will format ok):

Race 27 – Mile – Men – 30-39 HWT (2)

Pstn Erg Name Affiliation Age Result Category   Split 1 Split 2 Split 3
1 5 Danny Graham Team Oarsome + RAF 32 04:57.7 Mens 30-39   01:32.3 01:33.6 01:32.5
2 4 Pete Marston MAD IRC 30 05:00.7 Mens 30-39   01:35.3 01:34.5 01:31.7
3 8 Michael Gough Free Spirits 35 05:04.8 Mens 30-39   01:32.3 01:34.3 01:37.0
4 7 Warren Matthews Sub 7 IRC 38 05:07.0 Mens 30-39   01:34.4 01:36.3 01:35.8
5 1 Gareth Callan Leamington Spa 38 05:12.9 Mens 30-39   01:37.5 01:38.2 01:36.4
6 2 James Bailey Paddy Power IRC + Fletcher Sport Science 33 05:17.5 Mens 30-39   01:39.0 01:39.5 01:39.1

Results are here:

My race reply is here:

I was undecided up until about an hour before the race how to pace it. As I knew a pb wouldn’t be on I thought I would try a negative split race strategy. The plan was to start off comfortably at 1:35’s, and then gradually speed up with a sprint at the end. Take a look at the replay about and you will see that is exactly what I did. I felt great throughout the race – strong, in control, and with a good bit in hand. When I went for the sprint with 200m to go I hit 1:24’s, and only faded back to 1:29 on the finish line. I could have gone faster, but I don’t care. A 1:33.5 average split for a mile at this point in my training is a great sign for the coming racing season when I’ve done another 13weeks or so of training.

Post racing:

If you are reading this and haven’t been to an indoor rowing race before you probably don’t understand why we do it. If you get the chance, go to one, especially one like this where people stay around to socialise afterwards, it’s great. A brilliant group of people compete in this sport in the UK, and it is always great meeting new people racing for their first time. We didn’t get too much sleep in our tents, so the 2hour drive home this morning was pretty tiring, but it was all worth it for a great weekend.

Week off:

The PP08 group have a free week this week before we begin our 5k phase a week tomorrow. This is really to fit in with my plans as I’m away on a cycling weekend next weekend in the north York moors with a talented group of cycling ergers, or really some of them are erging cyclists, as cycling is their main sport. I will be one of the slower riders, and it will be tough going the length of rides we’re doing, but I’m looking forward to it.

My plans for this week? I will do a hard pieces perhaps on Tuesday and Thursday – maybe pb attempts at some distance. Tomorrow I’m going to the Farnborough Airshow, and Friday I will be travelling north for the cycling weekend.

Well done to the PPers in the racing yesterday. We had the fastest woman of the day, I think I was third fastest man, and I think we took home 3 golds a silver and a bronze.

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