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I’m not fat, I’m big boned!

Posted by thepeteplan on June 28, 2008

I have been away on a course for much of the week, hence the lack of blog updates (and some lack of training to blog about). Last night on returning home from the end of the course the only session set up on rowpro was a 20min, so I decided to enter that.


20mins = 5832m / 1:42.9 / 28

2min splits:
1:42.7, 1:42.7, 1:42.9, 1:43.1, 1:43.1, 1:43.1, 1:42.9, 1:43.1, 1:42.6

Effectively going for the pace I require for the 10k test next Saturday. With still a little over 14mins left to complete 10k at that pace I’m not looking forward to next Saturday! This was at 9pm in the garage after a long week of commuting 80mins each way to a course during the week though, so I’m sure I wasn’t completely 100% ready for it. Still it was a solid pace throughout.

I’m not fat, I’m big boned!

The course I have been away on is an ISAK accredited anthropometry course (ISAK being the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry). Essentially the course teaches how to measure various anthropometry measurements including skin folds, circumferences, breadths, etc. These measurements can then be used to determine body fat percentage, somatotyping, and there is a lot of research information out there on key anthro dimensions for various sports. Also a couple of the bone dimensions can actually determine if you are “big boned”. The course ended with a half day practical exam, measuring a series of people (men and women), and having to get within a small percentage of the measurements taken by the examiners. I passed with 100% on the exam, so all I have to do now is take the full measurements on 20 more people and send those in, and I will then be a fully ISAK certified anthropometrist. A good portion of theory during the course too on statistical analysis of the measurements, and some sports specific uses and applications.

The equipment I will need to buy to do all this myself is expensive, but by charging a small fee to offer this service to coaching clients and others I think it can pay for itself in time. I also know now that bio-electical impedance body fat measure is largely useless, and that if you’re ever had skin fold caliper measurements taken in a gym or elsewhere by a non- certified person you wasted your money, and the results are probably worse than useless. If the skinfold measurements took less than 15mins to take, chances are the person was not trained.

Pete Plan 2008 progress:

We are now 1 week away from the PP08 10k test. As I said above, if the 20min row last night is anything to go by it is going to be a very tough row. Following that the Evesham mile race is the next weekend, and the big cycling weekend in the hills the weekend after that. July will also be a busy month at work, and with being away the next three weekends, going to the Wimbledon mens quarter finals this coming week, and the Farnborough airshow in 2 weeks time, if will be a busy month overall!

One Response to “I’m not fat, I’m big boned!”

  1. alan said

    Sounds like an interesting week Pete, particularly the lack of real expertise out there, some knowledge can be better than none !

    I brought my 10K test forward a week due to Evesham.

    Another PB-improved my 10K by 32.1 secs, having improved my 30 mins by 137m last week.

    On to the speed stuff 😀

    So thanks again.

    All the best Alan

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