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Was that the peak I passed?

Posted by thepeteplan on June 25, 2008

On the completion of last week I told my PP08 coaching group that the 2 x 5k workout was the peak of our 10k preparation sessions, and it was all downhill from there on in to the 10k test on 5th July. On paper today’s workout, before you put the targets alongside it, is easier. The 10k is split into 5 intervals rather than just two, so that has to be easier, right?

The session:

2.5k, 2min rest, 2.5k, 2min rest, 2k, 2min rest, 2k, 2min rest, 1k

The targets as I gave them to the majority of the PP08 group were performance stretching and testing targets of the 2.5k reps just faster than 10k pb pace, then negative splitting the 2k’s by a second a rep, with the 1k faster still. My results were:

2.5k = 8:35.2 / 1:43.0 / 29
2.5k = 8:35.0 / 1:43.0 / 29
2k = 6:49.9 / 1:42.4 / 29
2k = 6:49.9 / 1:42.4 / 29
1k = 3:16.4 / 1:38.2 / 32

Total = 34:06.4 / 1:42.3 / 29

A successful session, but not quite up to the targets I set for most of the other athletes. This is because the targets took many of them to another level, higher than they have operated the past few weeks. I’m at a point where I should do a new personal best for the 10k in 10days time, quite a few of the group are going to destroy their 10k times.

Rowpro beta testing:

The new beta version of rowpro was released this week. I did my first row on it last night with around 10 other athletes in a 2k row. I decided not to try to push it too hard, I don’t really want to know where my 2k limit is after doing almost exclusively longer distance training with Evesham so close. A pretty constant paced 6:27.9 is acceptable for now. This beta version of rowpro gives you the identical information on your erg monitor as you get during venue racing, which is great. The same warm up screen, and the same race information telling you the leader, and the name of the person infront and behind you. A great bonus to internet erg racing, and great experience for anyone coming up to their first erg venue race. If you haven’t tried out rowpro yet, give it a go. You can use it for 20 days on a trial version before commiting to buy it, so what is there to lose?


With the “Tour de ‘arry” only a few weeks away I need to do some cycle training. I manage to get out for a hilly 16miles or so on Monday. When I download the data from the garmin I will blog it, quite a steep hill up, down, up and down again.

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