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It’s all about the long term

Posted by thepeteplan on June 14, 2008


Just a steady 45mins before lunch today:

45mins = 12055m / 1:52.0 / 23

The past two days I have done my sessions in the garage. Before when I was training at home I’ve been setting the erg up in the garden if the weather is good, or the living room if it’s not. Training in the garage makes set up a lot easier, and the wifi seems to work fine out there (the garage is at the other end of the garden) so rowpro works fine.

Pete Plan 2008 – 8 weeks in:

We are now 8 weeks into the Pete Plan 2008 phased training routine. 8 people began phase 1, and we’ve actually started on phase 2 with 9 people, which is great. If you remember many of us started off by doing a long distance trial the weekend before we embarked on PP08. Back on 19th April 2008 I rowed only my second ever erg marathon in a time of 2h 37m 57.6s (1:52.3). That was the 10th fastest marathon rowed by anyone in the world last season, was the second fastest in my age category in the world, and the fastest in the UK in my age group.

Phase 1 then took us on to Saturday 31st May, and a half marathon test. In this test I rowed a time of 1h 14m 36.5s (1:46.0). So far this season this is the fastest half marathon rowed by anyone in the world. Both of these rows were big personal best times for me, so the first 6 weeks of PP08 were very successful.

In phase 2 we have then moved on to a 5 week phase aiming at a 10k test on Saturday 5th July. With 3 weeks to go the training is going well, and I look set to be well on track to break another pb there. Following this phase we will have a week or two of “something a little different” before beginning phase 3. Around half of the group will be competing at the Evesham golden mile event on 12th July, so it’s a natural time to just take a couple of weeks to have a break for the formal structure of the plan.

Pete Plan Coaching – 6 months in:

Pete Plan Coaching has now been officially in existance for about 6 months, having been launched in January 2008. We currently have 9 people (including myself) following PP08, and a further 11 people following other training programmes. Of these athletes 1 is in New Zealand, 1 in Australia, 2 in USA, and the rest in UK. As you can imagine, this is quite time consuming setting training goals for these 20 athletes, and reviewing their results on a weekly basis. I have also had comments from some of the athletes I coach that they believe they get very good value for money for the level of coaching they get, and that they believe I charge too little, and this is the people following the full individualised coaching. I think their prices are fair though, so I won’t be charging them any more. What I am going to do from this point, however, is withdraw the basic £10 per month coaching for new members. This won’t affect the people following this basic coaching currently, but for new members this level of coaching will no longer be available at this time.


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