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Why erg when you can jump off a hill?

Posted by thepeteplan on June 10, 2008


Rather than resting on Sunday as I normally do, as I had taken two rest days on Thursday and Friday last week I thought I would join in with a steady rowpro session on Sunday morning:

21097m = 1h 19m 47.8s / 1:53.5 / 23spm


Then on Monday it was the first session of the latest heat chamber trial. I didn’t think this one would be too stressful as the temperature in the chamber isn’t as high as last month (25C this time versus 45C last time), however this time the trial is wearing full police chemical protection suits – 3 layers of completely air and water tight clothing, including gas mask. Good for protecting you from chemical or nuclear warfare, not ideal for 80mins on a treadmill. Imagine if you do 80mins of moderately hard exercise in a rubber suit, where the sweat has nowhere to go. If I said my boots were full of “water” by the end, I would not be exaggerating… Let us just say I didn’t make it to the gym afterwards, but instead sat at my desk barefoot trying to stave off trenchfoot.


After a month of trying and failing due to the weather we finally made it out to the Surrey hills for a day of paragliding today with the Green Dragons. After a few hours of safety and kit briefs we were taken out into the hills in style:

My work friend Paul preparing to run off the hill:

And gets his glider in the air ready to fly:

And just one more photo of one of the other guys disappearing off the hill:

A great fun day, though pretty tiring out in the sun all day long. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try something different, and Andy at Green Dragons as an excellent instructor – being a multiple world champion and ex red devil he certainly has the credentials.

As tomorrow is back into the heat chamber again for some more sweating I thought I had better do some training this evening, so a rowpro 30mins:

30mins = 8182m / 1:50.0 / 24

Fingers crossed that my feet survive the chamber tomorrow…..

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