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Half marathon

Posted by thepeteplan on May 31, 2008

I made the choice, as I prefer to, to row our half marathons in the back garden today. The chances are we were going to have either sun or rain, so I decided the best course of action would be to do it under a gazebo to save us from either. We were all set up by about 1pm:

Then Jef (pictured above warming up) began rowing about 8mins before Jamie and I on rowpro at 2.30pm. It was quite hot, and very humid, but I felt mentally strong and kept well on the pace through half way. With 7k to go I was feeling the pace perhaps more than I looked like I was:

But Jamie looked to be pulling ahead of target, and Jef was going well next to me on target to finish before me still, so the pace had to keep going.

My target to beat was my pb of 1hr 14min 58.7sec, and the result was:

1hr 14mins 36.5secs

A pb by about 22seconds, and a 1:46.1 average according to rowpro, or 1:46.0 according to the PM4.

I set rowpro for 9 splits which turned out to be 2344m each, and the splits were:


I pushed on hard in that final split in the hope of getting the average split under 1:46.0, but it just wasn’t to be. A pretty solid personal best over my last time set over 3 years ago, and a great start to the training year. Next stop, 10k.

3 Responses to “Half marathon”

  1. shaneshaw said

    WELL DONE GUYS. and great improvement on your PB Pete. I’m resting today but I was doing the half Marathon in my mind as a slept last night.

  2. alan said

    Well done Pete and all the guys -massive effort šŸ˜€

  3. Jamie Pfeffer said

    Great row, Pete. Thanks for hosting the Big Event.

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