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Half marathon day

Posted by thepeteplan on May 31, 2008

The day has arrived. The first 6 weeks of Pete Plan 2008 are complete and now we get to take the rewards from our hard work with a new personal best time over the half marathon – that’s the plan anyway. Due to the time difference between the athletes in the PP08 group, Shirley in New Zealand has already done her half marathon today. A huge personal best time by around 3mins, and only narrowly missing out on the world record by 6seconds! The WR wasn’t in the plan before, but the pacing was perfect hence getting so close.

My half marathon has to wait until mid afternoon UK time as I will be joined on rowpro by Jamie in New York. I will be rowing mine in the back garden – the weather is good, so no problems with set up. My personal best time of 74mins 58secs was set around 3 years ago – and at 1:46.6 average pace it’s not an easy one to beat. The training is done though, and I am in shape to beat it. The half marathon is a strange distance, much more mental strength than physical to reach your limit over this kind of distance. You have to be relentless is keeping the pressure on, and your concentration can’t break. You can’t afford to go much under target or physically you won’t last the distance. You can’t afford to go too much over target or you’ll not be able to catch up.

So the plan is to row 1:46’s and 1:47’s from the start, and keep the average pace right on 1:46.5 throughout the first half. Stroke rate will start at 29 or so like the hour last week, and settle through the middle as I warm up fully to 27 or so, again as with the hour last week. This time though because I am going for the fastest pace I can possibly manage I will try to push on in the second half. Once you see 9999m left on a half marathon there is a big mental boost. I hope to negative split the second half, and average under 1:46 over the last 10k.

5 hours to start time, wish me luck. Wish the other athletes luck. Luck won’t come into it however.

4 Responses to “Half marathon day”

  1. shaneshaw said

    go for it mate. I wish I had the stamina to do a half marthon. done 10k under 50 mins before but only once maybe next time.

    Get into it mate and remember if at any stage during the row you might start to question if you can keep it up or it gets too hard, think of the record you are trying to acheive and how good you will feel as you punch the air after doing a PB.

    good luck

  2. alan said

    Good Luck Pete and all the RowPro crew šŸ˜€

    I missed out on a PB by a few seconds-overcooked it at the start and it was way to warm-with no water taken on board.

    However pleased as punch with my massive hour PB last week so bring on the next part of PP08 -can’t wait

  3. David C said

    Well rowed Shirley and Alan. I am just back from cornwall so will need all the mental strength I can muster to pull out a 60min PB, Have decided against the HM for this 6week training period and sticking with the hour row, Cant say I enjoyed the HM I did 6weeks ago. Planning to row tonight when kids are in bed. look forward to reading about more PBs from this afternoons rowing! This will be my incentive. Going for 16000m. David

  4. David C said

    Well I completed my 60minute row. First want to describe my preparation:- 1 week in cornwall on half term with the kids (was great!). Eating and drinking most nights (sophisticated carb loading). 1 row of 12km on wednesday at the Roseland gig rowing club (thank-you for letting me use the erg). Pre-race preparation was 5hrs 30mins driving on the A38, M5 and M4. Rubbish sandwiches at Exeter service station and then unload the car at home. The important piece of the prep was reading about all your PBs. The row itself was hard work. I lost track of how many times I said to myself that no-one else in the group had quit and you all had 5km more than me to row so big thank-you to all of you!!! Completed the hour with 16023m 10 min splits were 2669, 2670, 2666, 2665, 2652 and 2701m. Massively chuffed with this row so final thank-you to Pete for such wise words and good coaching over the last 6 weeks. Well done to everyone! Here’s to rest day tomorrow. David

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