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Rowpro session reports

Posted by thepeteplan on May 28, 2008

With the half marathon test coming up in just a few days time I am taking it quite easy on the training this week. I’m taking it even easier than the other athletes in the PP08 group as I felt like I had a slight cold below the surface, and didn’t want to risk it this week. WIth that in mind I took an extra rest day yesterday, and just did a steady 8k on rowpro this evening. I took this opportunity to record data on rowpro to review, including wearing my suunto heart rate chest belt (that comes free with a PM4 equipped model D).

The session report generated by rowpro includes a number of different representations of the data recorded including the splits:


And various graphs such as this one of the watts and heart rate:


Just a very slight drift on the heart rate at the initial 1:52 steady pace, then step increases as the pace was increased over the last 2k. The slight drift of HR over the initial 6k could be caused by the slight decrease in stroke rate over the same time.

Another thing to notice is the higher end HR on split 10 from the first document – this was caused by me thinking about when and how much to increase pace by to see the heart rate response. Just thinking about this caused the HR to jump 3 or 4 beats, and then it returned when I stopped thinking about this. This shows how factors other than actual physical effort affect your HR. Try it, row a steady aerobic piece with your HR monitor on, and once your HR is stabilised after 3 or 4k, start thinking about your next 2k test, and visualise rowing that test – I bet your HR jumps significantly. Is the pace actually any harder or less sustainable?

One more session planned tomorrow, then a rest day on Friday, then it’s half marathon day, the focus of the past 6 weeks of training. 1:46.5 average pace or bust – a personal best or nothing. The hard work is done, just 75 minutesĀ of effort between me and the zero.

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