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Posted by thepeteplan on May 22, 2008

As well as Saturday’s 60min row, today’s row was a bit of a ‘make or break’ in terms of confidence. The initial plan was for a 12k starting at 60min pb pace and perhaps negative splitting if I felt up to it. I decided that was just too fast though, and with the half marathon the real focus of this training phase I switch to a 12k starting at half marathon pace (1:46.6) and negative splitting if I felt good.

12k on rowpro:

12k = 42:12.0 / 1:45.5 / 28

1k splits:

1:46.4 / 30

1:46.3 / 29

1:46.6 / 28

1:46.6 / 27

1:46.6 / 27

1:46.4 / 27

1:46.0 / 27

1:45.6 / 28

1:45.6 / 28

1:45.3 / 28

1:44.1 / 28

1:40.4 / 30

With no warm up before it took the first 10mins to warm up into it and for the rate to settle. I find that when I start on a longer hard piece like this I don’t need to warm up first as long as I lighten the stroke at the beginning by increasing the rate a little. I felt good at half way so I had in my mind to target 1:45.6 average pace, as that is the pace needed to break 17k in an hour. The target for this Saturday’s hard 60mins will again be to break HM pb pace of 1:46.6, but ideally breaking 17k would be great.

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