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Cycling to the south coast

Posted by thepeteplan on May 19, 2008

Each week I take one day off training, the rest and recovery time is vital in any training programme. Yesterday for my scheduled day off I decided to do a 100km bike ride with a work colleague over the south downs to West Wittering on the south coast. This was the first time I’d ridden my new road bike, a Boardman road comp, seen here at a short map stop on the route yesterday:

We kept to mainly country roads for the route, which although making it a longer distance kept us away from traffic most of the time. Here is the overall route from a GPS upload to Google Earth:

The GPS device is my cycling partner’s, and it is amazing the accuracy it gives on the route, including this zoomed in trace when we stopped for lunch:

And this on our walk to the sea, and then down the beach:

I also have speed and altitude traces in excel for the entire route which make interesting viewing, and illustrate the hilly nature of the ride. Unfortunately excel files can’t be uploaded to the blog, but I will save them as jpegs and post them in an entry another day.

For now, just a photo taken on the beach instead:

If you’re interested in seeing any part of the route in more detail please reply and I’ll post any sections people are interested in. The route can also be colour coded by altitude or speed.

After an ice cream on the beach we then cycled back┬áto Chicester, which due to time had to complete our cycling for the day, and instead we caught the train back home. The route to West Wittering was 88km, with a bit over 2500m of ascent, with a further 14km or so to Chicester afterwards. Next time I do a similar ride I will be more selective in what I need to carry with me, and not take a 35litre rucksack on my back – I’m sure it contributed to the discomfort in my back during the middle of the ride. Some of the climbs were challenging, but we only had to walk up one section due to the gradient, and my gear troubles – I wasn’t able to select any of the bottom 6 gears without it skipping out of the gear if I stood on the pedals. I think I have adjusted the gears correctly now so this won’t happen again. As I’m not an experienced road cyclist I wasn’t prepared to go too fast down the hills – we hit a maximum speed of a little over 38mph, even though I was braking pretty hard at the time! Other than that, my legs felt good throughout, and my rear I’m sure will get used to cycling!

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