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Racing instinct

Posted by thepeteplan on May 16, 2008

I didn’t think I would get a chance to train during the working day today, and wasn’t really looking forward to doing today’s planned session at home this evening. A 45min window opened up in the middle of the day though, just enough time to fit in a 5k CTC row.

Session 1: 1.30pm

5k = 16:55.6 / 1:41.5 / 29

500m splits:

1:40.6 (32) 1:41.4 (31) 1:41.8 (30) 1:41.9 (29) 1:42.0 (29)

1:42.3 (29) 1:42.5 (29) 1:42.7 (29) 1:42.1 (28.) 1:38.4 (30)

The desire to push hard left me at the half way point unfortunately, as evident from the splits, but still a solid row, and an improvement for the CTC.

Session 2: 6pm

Getting the 5k out of the way at lunchtime allowed me the opportunity to enter the Friday evening 10k handicap row on rowpro. As before the start time was a 40min baseline with everyone handicapped on when they start from that. Last time I rowed off a 3min44 handicap, this time I took a 4min20 handicap. It was a great race tonight, and a very close finish – I just managed to take the lead within the final 50m of the race, and was pulling 1:30’s to do so.

10k = 39:37.4 – 4:20 = 35:17.4

1k splits:

3:56.8 (due to handicap)

1:47.0 / 27

1:47.0 / 26

1:47.0 / 26

1:47.0 / 26

1:46.8 / 26

1:46.6 / 26

1:46.6 / 26

1:45.3 / 27

1:38.6 / 30

The pacing plan was 1:47’s, so absolutely spot on for the first half, and then gradual negative splits for the second half. As the entry titles says, this was due to the racing instinct that I just can’t leave behind. I was constantly watching the distance I was behind the leader, and how much it was reducing by every 100m. Then in the final 100m I was determined to pull fast enough to take the lead, but the other rower was obviously pretty determined to win too, so his 1:42’s meant I had to pull 1:30’s to catch him in time. It felt great. The second half of this row I just felt so strong and in control, a brilliant feeling. This is a great sign with the HM test just 2 weeks away, as I need to be rowing this pace for 21k then.


To compliment the GT-R road bike we have on a turbo trainer at home I have now got an “outdoor” road bike. It’s awesome, and I will post a picture tomorrow. My first ride out on it will be on Sunday when I’ll be doing a leisurely ride down to the south coast – something like 50miles away I think. We will worry about getting back after we get there. I bought the bike boxed and built it myself last night, so hopefully I didn’t leave anything vital off….

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