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Run and row

Posted by thepeteplan on May 13, 2008

I had the opportunity for a gym session early afternoon today so headed down to the gym about 1230. It turned out that as today is the second Tuesday of the month it was the monthly handicap “pond run” today, and I arrived just at the right time to take part. I average doing this run about once a year, and have about a 50% record of getting lost on the course. It is a 3.25mile cross country run on winding and undulating trails, and goes around the same pond I have run around on occasion over the past few weeks. As I’ve not run for a couple of weeks I took this opportunity to do a run.

The turnout was good today. The slowest runners go off a 30mins start time, with everyone else handicapped from there. I took a 6min handicap which put me about mid field of the starters. I ended up passing about 6 orĀ 7 people, and noone passed me. My finish time was 22:56, which with the heat today, and the nature of the course, is pretty good. I finished fast and felt good at the end, so I could have gone faster.

Then back to the gym for a few mins of chest weights, as I’ve also neglected doing any weights for a few weeks.


Then this evening I signed up for a 10k rowpro race. Although today was a steady distance day, I can’t leave the racing instinct behind, and don’t like anyone to finish ahead of me on these rows. So despite a plan on 1:52 pace I ended up with:

10k = 35:23.4 / 1:46.2 / 28

It was a full race with 8 people at the start line, but a couple lost connection near the start I think. It is interesting seeing the rowpro reports of each row showing details I don’t normally know such as distance per stroke. For almost all of these mid distance type sessions they come out at almost exactly 10mps. Today was 10.1mps average, and even my last 500m (1:40.9 / 30) is 9.9mps. Perhaps there is something in the “magic number” of 10mps training? A good friend of mine (Paul Smith) uses 10mps (and strapless rowing, termed S10PS or strapless, 10metres per stroke) as the main criteria / basis of the training he assigns his athletes. By following this limitation it ensures you know when you’re improving, and that you don’t “trade rate for pace” by getting a faster pace simply by going at a higher stroke rate.

Paul is the same guy who is the brains behind the c-breeze, as reviewed on the “pimp my erg” section of this blog, and also erg monitor – take a look at his website for details of both – .

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