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Training update

Posted by thepeteplan on May 9, 2008

Due to the heat the past few days I’ve chosen to train in the evening at home rather than at lunchtime in the gym, and so haven’t got around to posting the training I’ve been doing here.


Wednesday was a rowpro session with a group of people I’ve not rowed with before. It was quite late at night (8.55pm start time), and I made the mistake of rowing it in the garden. Not only did I get bitten by mosquitos a fair amount, but it was also too dark to see the monitor after the first 10mins of the row. Still, with rowpro you can see what you’re doing on the laptop screen luckily.

30mins = 8234m / 1:49.3


On Thursday evening I had two friends round for the evening for a training session and then a barbeque. I had a go at a new session which is their team challenge for this month. I also put on my sunnto heart rate monitor for the first time in a few years to see what sort of heart rate level I would get on this type of interval session. The suunto chest strap is read by the PM4 monitor, so gives me the HR while rowing the piece, but then the end HRs at the end of each rep when I recall the splits.

4k, 2k, 1k, 500m / 2min rest between each

4k = 13:45.9 / 1:43.2 / 30 (end HR = 161)

2k = 6:48.0 / 1:42.0 / 30 (end HR = 165)

1k = 3:18.8 / 1:39.4 / 33 (end HR = 168.)

500m = 1:32.5 / 37 (end HR = 168.)

I don’t quite understand the level my heart rate was getting to. Either there is some physiological reason my HR was so low, or there is some technical reason the information isn’t being read correctly. The last time I did a treadmill VO2 max test I reached a max heart rate of 197, and the few times I’ve used a HRM for very intense intervals I’ve seen well above 190 on the erg too. Either it’s possible that the longer distance training I’ve been doing has made my heart very efficient at these sort of paces (though the 500m is under 2k pace), or has simply stopped me being able, physically, to raise my heart rate so much. More likely though it’s some technical problem.


Tonight was another rowpro session, but a new one for me. A handicapped 10k with people starting at different intervals depending on their expected 10k times. I was the last to start with a 3min44sec handicap, with 7 people having started before me from 3min44 to 1min before. I rowed a bit harder than I planned to, and caught the last of the 7 people inside the final 500m of the race. The racing instinct is hard to leave behind, and it’s very easy on rowpro to go faster than you really mean to.

10k = 39:06 – 3:44 = 35:22

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