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Rowpro alternate pacing

Posted by thepeteplan on May 3, 2008

The final session of week 2 of my current half marathon training phase was a 60min piece split into 10min segments of alternating pace. Roughly the alternate 10mins were at around pb hour / HM pace, and about 4 to 6 seconds slower, starting with the slower 10min piece. After having rowed 19k yesterday evening I went a little slower than I should really have done in the easier paced 10min segments, and roughly went for 1:52.5 / 1:46.5 in the alternating segments. Normally I would have an exact pacing plan and stick to it rigidly, but I did this on rowpro this morning, and don’t know yet whether you can set your desired split lengths on rowpro. If you know how, please reply to this and tell me, thanks.


60mins = 16454m / 1:49.3 / 26

I thought this would be a really quite tough row, but in reality it felt good start to finish. The harder 10min segments are the pace I’ll need to do a half marathon at in 4 weeks time in order to pb, so it really shouldn’t feel too hard.

The first 2 weeks are now complete of “Pete Plan 2008 Phase 1”. In that 2 week period I have rowed 170k, which was preceeded by the marathon. So 170k in 13days (13k per day) or 212k in 15days (14.1k per day), which is significantly more than my standard volume of around 8.6k per day (10k on each of 6 training days). On top of this I’ve done 30k of running and a 30min bike turbo session. Hopefully this volume increase will pay off when it comes to the half marathon test in 4 weeks time.

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