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Phase 1 – Endurance

Posted by thepeteplan on April 22, 2008

Phase 1 of my 2008 training programme is focussed on the HM, and as such doing a higher than normal volume of training will be beneficial for me. I don’t plan on doing this volume of training too often though.


Lunchtime – 1130am

60mins = 16071m / 1:52.0 / 24spm

Evening – 7pm

10k = 35:33.4 / 1:46.7 / 27spm

The lunchtime row was my planned row for the day, but I have also downloaded an evaluation copy of rowpro to try out so set up a 10k row on there tonight. We had a full line-up of 8 rowers, but unfortunately only 6 were there at start time, and 5 actually started. It was motivational rowing against others, especially as I was completely level with one of the other rowers for the first 6k or so. He was relentless on the pace though, so I couldn’t keep up in the final 4k without putting in an effort level greater than I’d want to recover from before tomorrow’s session!


I added this link to the Sprint page, which I found on YouTube earlier this evening. The MAD Team 100k world record relay from January 2004:

3 Responses to “Phase 1 – Endurance”

  1. Jamie Pfeffer said

    Hi, Pete. Will you often row two sessions per day? If so, how often per week? And will that become part of the program for the team? Thanks.


  2. thepeteplan said


    It depends how often there are rowpro races in the evening that take my fancy. Tonight I’m doing a 1k. No I don’t think it will ever become part of our team training because I think for most people two sessions in a day can be detrimental to recovery. Some people are doing 2 sessions a day currently though, and if that was something you wanted to do it’s no problem to programme more session. Or get rowpro in your basement and we can do some steady rows together in the evenings.

  3. Jamie Pfeffer said

    Thanks, Pete. I’ve used Rowpro since September. I like it very much — especially for test pieces. If you use it, C2 doesn’t require you to verify your scores. Given the time difference (you’re +5 hours, I think), we’ll have to be creative with scheduling the sessions.

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