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Out of the heat

Posted by thepeteplan on April 11, 2008

My final 1hour 40mins of leg pressing marked the end of the heat trial this afternoon, so training can now return to normal. Time for a short gym session following that:


5k treadmill run, 13kph, 23:05

Bicep curls = 16kg dumbbells, 3 sets of 8

Tricep cable pulls = 16.75kg, 3 sets of 8

A nice short session, including the first running I’ve done in at least 2months. Not long and not fast, just nice and comfortable and hopefully the start of putting in some reasonably regular running into my overall training programme.

One week of training now leading up to the marathon next Saturday, therefore the intensity and volume will taper off over the week to make sure I’m fresh for the marathon or it could be a hard slog to get through it!

2 Responses to “Out of the heat”

  1. george said

    Do you think you body may have adapted during the heat training you have been doing that will assist with hydration demands during marathon?


  2. thepeteplan said

    George – yes I’m hoping it will have helped, even if only temporarily, in that way. The 10k rows I’ve done this week before the heat chamber visits have felt very comfortable temperature wise, even though the gym has been as stuffy as normal (I think). But that’s considering whether it will stop me losing water so fast, as for actually hydrating, it may have conditioned me to still exercise when getting pretty dehydrated, but I think I will still lose more “water weight” during the marathon just because it’s hard to drink much during it. On my one and only marathon before I never stopped, just took quick drinks with one hand during the stroke.

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