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10mile Turbo TT

Posted by thepeteplan on April 6, 2008

As I hadn’t tried a time trial on the turbo (bike) yet I thought it would be a good use of my rest day this morning.

5min warm up

10miles = 19:06 / 31.6mph / 336watts (41.4mph / 458watts max)

5min warm down

It was actually marginally faster than that as I didn’t switch to time until I’d stopped, so this included the turbo slowing from 41mph to rest.

I thought as it was a similar time to a 5k TT on the erg that I’d think of it that way, and judge pace as if every 1mile was a 500m split of an erg 5k. As it was if my legs felt like they did 4miles in at 2k in a 5k on the erg I’d not finish it, yet I was fine to maintain pace throughout, and speed up by 10mph in the final stages. Much more to come.

I added a new blog section the other day Sprint / HIIT to discuss sprint training and High Impact Interval Training on the erg. I will add more to it at some point.

Would would have thought this would be the view of your back garden in southern England in April?

Or this from the front window:

Maybe the weatherman can be right sometimes.


One Response to “10mile Turbo TT”

  1. shirleygkn said

    Looking very nice from a distance Pete!!

    Must be good to compare cycle sessions to erg sessions. Unfortunately the rpm bikes (only type of bikes there) at our gym have no gauges whatsoever.

    Will check your Sprint/HIIT blog tonight when I have more spare time.

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