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Steady distance work

Posted by thepeteplan on April 2, 2008

Due to having another date with the heat chamber tomorrow, today could only be a steady distance day on the erg.


10k = 37:21.0 / 1:52.0 / 24

2k splits: 1:52.7, 1:52.2, 1:51.9, 1:51.9, 1:51.4 (all at 24spm)


Other than myself, 4 of the athletes I’m coaching are taking part in the Basingstoke races on Saturday. Of these four, three of them will be competing in their first erg race. They probably don’t realise yet the boost in motivation racing will give their training, no matter how well they actually perform on the day. Even after 7 years of erg racing, an erg venue race always boosts my training motivation both in the run up to it, and following the race.

After the race:

I haven’t decided just yet the direction to take my training following this Saturday’s race. I plan to attend one of the big erg races again next winter – BIRC, the Euros in Rome, or the Worlds in Boston. Before that I would like to set a few pbs though, and so at some stage will follow the 12 week 5k training programme I have on the blog to lead to a 5k test, and will attempt 10k and half marathon (and perhaps even marathon) pbs either before or after that. Watch this space for the direction I take my training.


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