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Into the home stretch

Posted by thepeteplan on March 31, 2008

Another afternoon in the heat chamber, but with session 6 of 10 now completed the trial will be over at the end of next week. Today was yet another 1hour40mins of continuous leg pressing. I am hoping that I will see a noticable difference once the trial is complete, and the faster sessions will take a step up in pace.

Monday as always is speed intervals day, and now into week 3 of cycle 2 that means back to the 4 x 1k.


2k warm up = 1:53 / 24

4 x 1k / 5min rest:

3:12.4 / 1:36.2 / 33

3:12.3 / 1:36.1 / 32

3:12.3 / 1:36.1 / 32

3:11.1 / 1:35.5 / 33

Totals = 12:48.0 / 1:36.0 / 33

Rest interval metres = 2922m

A 0.2sec improvement on the average split from 3 weeks ago, but also a much better paced session. Last time the pace faded over the session (1:35.9, 1:35.9, 1:36.2, 1:37.0), and so today I paced it properly going for the average split from last time on the first 3 reps. When I stick to this principle it’s very effective, as you know in your mind you have achieved this pace recently, and so have no mental doubts about doing so again.

Basingstoke IRC:

This weekend is the Basingstoke IRC, and my first race for some time. I will be racing in the 2500m, 300m, and 100m races in the 30+ heavyweight category. From the list of entrants in the 2500m race it should be a great race with a lot of people to push me to doing a fast time, and of those in the race in my category (the races are mixed categories) I should have a good chance of a medal, and maybe even a win. In the 300m I get to race on the erg next to my MAD Team team mate, who should be the fastest of the day by some distance. Not a distance I have ever raced before, or the 100m, so it should be an interesting experience. Both will be flat out, the 300m will just be a case of how far you can get before fading too badly.

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