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Posted by thepeteplan on March 30, 2008

I put off training until late on Saturday and so decided to do a 30min cycle on the turbo trainer rather than use the erg. I would be interested if anyone has any knowledge or experience of how wattage and pace on a Tacx turbo trainer compares to cycling on the road (or track)?


30min cycle starting as a warm up and gradually speeding up throughout:

Average = 278watts / 26.1mph

Maximum = 476watts / 42.6mph

Distance = 13.1 miles

Crossed over the 300watt mark around half way, up to 330watts at 10mins to go, and with a pretty good sprint over the last couple of minutes.

Blog updates:

As you will see, I have added a page titled “Pete -v- Wolverine” to the blog. A question I often see asked is what the differences are between the Pete Plan and the Wolverine Plan, and which it is best to follow. To begin with I have put a link to both the full details of the Pete Plan and the Wolverine Plan, and I will add on there my thoughts on when each plan might be best for you. My comment about the WP document being 23pages long will perhaps hint to one of the reasons I first looked at making a simpler to follow training plan based on some of the principles of the WP.

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