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Hot and sweaty

Posted by thepeteplan on March 26, 2008

This afternoon was the first go on the bike in the heat chamber. 3 x 20mins with 20min rest inbetween, all the time in 45degrees C with 4 layers of clothing on. Even though the intensity on the bike was not high, I sweated a lot. However, as I’m due in the chamber again on Friday afternoon, and so can’t do a hard session tomorrow, there was no choice but to attempt the 4 x 2k afterwards. The average from 3 weeks ago (without the long warm up) was 1:41.1, but that was done using the last rep as a CTC mile attempt with the 4 x 2k splits of 1:42.2, 1:41.9, 1:41.5, 1:38.7. So rather than go for the average, I thought I would attempt to beat each rep.


500m warm up = 1:55 / 24

4 x 2k / 5min rest:

6:47.7 / 1:41.9 / 29

6:46.5 / 1:41.6 / 30

6:46.5 / 1:41.6 / 30

6:56.2 / 1:44.0 / 29

Ave = 27:17.0 / 1:42.3 / 29

One rep too far today, and the cumulative fatigue and dehydration caught up with me on the final rep. I was starting to cramp in my legs, upper arms, and even abs, so had to back off the pace and limp home, rather than stop. The first 3 reps beat the first 3 reps (on average) from 3 weeks ago, so a good session overall I think.

One Response to “Hot and sweaty”

  1. george said

    good to see you giving Superman an even chance 😀

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