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Low rate, high boredom

Posted by thepeteplan on March 19, 2008

This afternoon began with day 3 of the exercise in heat trial. Today was another 1hour 40mins of leg pressing in the heat chamber at 45 degrees C, with 4 layers of clothing on. This really tests your boredom threshold when all you have to listen to is a metronome beeping every 2 seconds. I made the mistake of doing some mental arithmetic at the 50min point, like I do on a long erg, only to calculate I had 1500 leg presses left to go. That didn’t help.


On to the gym following the extended warm up. As this was the last heat trial for this week I decided to leave the 5 x 1500m to tomorrow, but I also didn’t like the thought of doing any sort of steady distance following the above. So I decided on just a short session with a low rate 2k on the erg followed by a couple of weights exercises.

500m warm up = 1:56 / 23

2k = 6:53.3 / 1:43.3 / 21spm

1:43.9 / 21, 1:43.4 / 20, 1:43.1 / 21, 1:43.0 / 21

It was really supposed to be at 20spm, but I seemed to hit 21’s more than 20’s, hence 3 of the 4 splits coming out to 21spm. My leg speed was dulled a little from the leg pressing, but still not a bad 2k time at 21spm, and with slight negative splits.


Bicep curls = 16kg dumbbells, 3 sets of 8

Tricep cable pulldowns = 13.75kg, 3 sets of 10

5k training:

Those of you who have read the 5k training page will see that once every 3 weeks or so during the 12 week programme I have a 3 x 2k session in there. In the text preceeding the plan you will also see that this session is intended as a 2k practice with a fixed warm up and warm down. One possible way you could do these 2k’s is to restrict the rate like this, but increase the restriction by 2spm each time you do the session, and aim to increase the pace each time by a couple of seconds or so. These sessions can also be useful to practice different pacing plans for a 2k, and by using the standard warm up and warm down you can objectively assess which works best for you. By doing regular, slightly submaximal, 2k tests like this you can eliminate any fear or anxiety you might feel when you see 2000m set on the monitor. Most people avoid 2k whenever possible, to their detriment psychologically.

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