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Something better than nothing

Posted by thepeteplan on March 11, 2008

I had to do a short and fairly comfortable session today due to some “exercise in heat” experiments I’m taking part in at work. The day before each trial I can’t do hard training, and tomorrow is the first of 10 trial days (2 each week for the next 5 weeks).


8k = 29:31.7 / 1:50.7 / 24

2k splits = 1:51.1, 1:50.9, 1:50.8, 1:50.1 (all 24spm)


Clean and press – 50kg = 3 sets of 6

Bicep curls – 18kg dumbbells = 3 sets of 6

Still some good training. I will have to wait and see tomorrow how strenuous the exercise is (each session is 100mins of exercise in a chamber at 45 degrees C, low humidity, wearing lots of clothing) as to what training I can do in the evening after. With only 2 sessions a week I can move my hard sessions to deconflict completely if I need to.

This was the heaviest I’ve gone so far on the clean and press, felt powerful and fast today though, perhaps because of the shorter erg session before.


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