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45mph… in the living room…

Posted by thepeteplan on March 7, 2008

It’s Friday, so hard distance day on the Pete Plan. Work pressures today meant that I could only manage a short gym session at lunchtime, so a faster CTC time was an obvious choice for today.

Training – lunchtime:

3k warm up = 1:53 / 24

CTC 1609m = 5:05.4 / 1:34.9 / 34

400m splits = 1:33.3, 1:35.6, 1:36.6, 1:34.2

500m cool down


Bench press = 60kg, 3 sets of 8

Cable row = 48.75kg, 3 sets of 10 (max weight available)

Training – evening:

A short ride on the turbo tonight. Yes, this is the first time I’ve mentioned training on a bike turbo trainer in the blog, because it’s the first time I’ve used it since starting the blog.

25mins / 22.7mph / 239watts average — 45.0mph / 523watts max


I’m sure everyone else has a bike in their living room? It’s a GT series 5 on a Tacx flow, very nice to ride.

A very enjoyable short ride after not using it for a couple of weeks. A few bursts at high speed, hence the high maximum. I’m pretty happy with the CTC time at lunchtime too for the effort. A fairly comfortable row through the middle, and under 6:20 pace with enough left to have done the final 400m if it was set.

One Response to “45mph… in the living room…”

  1. Nosmo said

    Just curious how does your bike watts compare with the erg watts? Do you have a sense of how much of the difference is due to your specific training and how much is due to the difference in the exercise and the machines themselves.

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