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10k and weights

Posted by thepeteplan on March 6, 2008

A steady distance day on the Pete Plan today. At the moment I’m still doing 10k only for these so I have time to do a short weights session also within my lunch hour.


10k = 36:57.4 / 1:50.8 / 24

2k splits = 1:51.7, 1:51.1, 1:51.0, 1:50.7, 1:49.8 (all 24spm)


Cleans = 45kg, 3 sets of 10

Squats = 45kg, 3 sets of 10

Bicep curls = 16kg dumbbells, 3 sets of 8

Tricep pulldowns = 13.75kg, 3 sets of 10

I’m starting to see and feel a benefit from the weights, even with the limited amount I’m doing. I think the cleans are a great explosive exercise hitting a lot of muscle groups. I went 5kg higher than Tuesday today to just do cleans, rather than clean and press. I will alternate between the two each session I think.

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