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Posted by thepeteplan on February 27, 2008

Due to the lingering cold I decided it was wise just to back off the pace target of today’s session a little. That’s what I would advise other people to do, so that’s what I should do. It’s sometimes hard when you’re self coached to take it easier when you should, but really the main reason is that I don’t ever like to risk not finishing any session I begin.

5 x 1500m / 5min rest:

1:41.6 / 30

1:41.5 / 30

1:41.3 / 30

1:41.2 / 31

1:39.8 / 31

Averages = 25:16.6 / 1:41.1 / 30

Warm up = 1k @ 1:55 / 23

Rest interval metres = 1849m, no cool down today

A good solid training session, and just enough off maximum that it shouldn’t damage my immune system when I want it to be working hard to get rid of the cold as quickly as possible.

Pete Plan Personal Training:

I did my first (for a couple of years) erg personal training session today at lunchtime (so the training above was after work). This is an element of Pete Plan Coaching that I will not really be pushing because I simply don’t have the time to do too much of it. I really enjoy proper “in person” personal training, and helping people improve to reach their goals, but it’s obviously a time consuming thing to do on top of a full time job, training, family, and other responsibilities. The guy that I coached for the first time today is very successful in his own sport, and is just moving into erg racing. He has huge potential with his background, so it will be good working with him making the most of that potential. As a gym owner and full time personal trainer himself it is a different challenge fitting the right sessions into his other commitments, but it’s always possible to maximise the training benefit whatever the constraints you’re working within.

Planned additions to the Pete Plan Blog:

I want to make this blog into a good resource for (free) erg training information, and as such there is other content I want to add to it as I go along. Pete Plan 2007 (PP07), that I followed with a few others for the majority of last year, was very successful in the first stage working towards a 5k test, so I plan to publish that here as a stand-alone 12 week training plan working towards a 5k test. I will talk about other additions in future blog entries.

2 Responses to “Pete Plan Personal Training”

  1. George said

    Hi Pete,

    first time I have visited your blog but I like the lay-out and set up. Appreciate you making in available but also think that if you keep it going it will be beneficial to yourself as a place to clarify your thinking and trace your progress both physical and mental.


  2. Rob Smith said

    Great training as always mate

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